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Health Insurance/ FAQ


We nearly accept all major insurance plans. call us at 630-442-7278


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located conveniently at 1226 Ogden Ave Downers Grover IL 60515

Q.Do you take Medicare?

A. Yes, We welcome our MEDICARE clients.

Q.Do I need to fill out a paper work?

A. It is a necessary inconvenient step. We suggest that you come in at least 10 mins before your appointment. 

Q.How long is my appointment?

A. Your appointment will last from 45 mins-60mins. You could be here longer if your medical condition requires.

Q.Do you give a custom exercise program?

A. Yes, Absolutely. Your exercises are as unique as your health condition. We try our best to give you the best possible program. You will have access to our unique exercise portal that can be accessed from a phone, laptop, computer and tablets. We can give you printed exercises too. Its all about your recovery.

Q. Do you treat work injuries and motor vehicle accidents?

A. Yes, We do. We will prioritize your recovery and health. We will reach out to all involved parties.

Q. What is free injury screening?

A. Free Injury screening involves direct one-on-one 20 mins conversation with a licensed Physical Therapist. You bring your medical history and we give you our expertise on a possible resolution. 








Q.Do you work around my Work/School/Family schedule?

A. Absolutely. We are your neighbourhood clinic. We fully understand that you have many obligations. We try our best to get you in. Honestly, Its all about your health so you can get back to enjoying your work/family and life.

Q.How often will I be coming to Physical Therapy?

A. We want you to get better as soon as possible. Usually, the most common scenario involves coming to Physical Therapy

2 times/wk for 4-6 wks. If you had surgery or complicated medical condition, You will be coming to see us more frequently. Again, your physical therapist and you will come up with the best possible plan that works for you and prioritizes your health.

Q. I am not sure if you can help with my condition?

A. The best possible thing to do is schedule your free screening by filling this form or call us and we will prioritize your condition.

Q. How soon can you get me in for Physical Therapy?

A. Our goal is to get you in within 24-48 business hours. 

Q: How much will my Rehabon treatment will cost? Is there a copay?

A. Before your Evaluation, we will gather all the demographic information that is needed for us to run a comprehensive review of your insurance plan, analyzing your benefits, and identifying any limitations. After verifying the current status of your plan, we’ll communicate your estimated coinsurance responsibility and reach an agreement to ensure total transparency protecting us all from any unexpected costs along the way.


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