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Rehabon Physical Therapy


Body in motion tend to

stay in motion.



We get you moving so you could have a strength to live your life fullest.


Coordination can help you with  day to day activities or your favorite sport.


We will help you with your balance so you could go out and hike or play ball with your best friends.


Manual Therapy

Myofascial Release

Manual therapy will consist of soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, stretching, strengthening, massage and other techniques. We are your hands-on Therapist. We work with you to improve your body mobility.

Myofascial Release is concidered to be gentle and effective approach to chronic pain and other muscular conditions. Its very effective pain management therapy.

Orthopedic-Sports Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Exercises

Postural Training

At Rehabon, We are specialist on resolving your orthopedic-sports related injuries with therapeutic exercises. We create custom exercise program that will fit your life style and need.

The focus of this treatment is to identify, then correct any postural problems that you may have. These problems can negatively influence muscle function and structural alignment throughout the entire body, which can cause impairments and movement related problems that ultimately lead to injury, disfunction and pain. If you are sitting average 6-8hrs/day, this would be an effective approach to get rid of your joint pain.

Pre-Post Surgery Therapy Treatment

Joint Surgery/Replacement Therapy




At Rehabon we take pride in our clinical experience. We will help you through out the process of recovery. We will stay in touch with your surgical team to make sure that you are progressing according your surgeon's protocol. We are your ultimate to team members to carry you from day one of surgery to walking/running/swimming/playing with your grand kids to what ever is your goal.

Our Rehabon staff will use variety of techniques to get you back to your ultimate goals. We use all forms of necessary treatments to improve your over all health. We y, we use all forms of treatment necessary to improve the mobility of your joints or tissues. We will deploy progressive resistive exercise, isometric, plyometric, electrical stimulation assisted to improve your overall strength.

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