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5 Outdoor Trails around Downers Grove IL to enjoy during the Fall season

Just because summer has come to an end does not mean that you have to discontinue outdoor activity for this upcoming fall season. So throw on a hoodie alongside your favorite pair of running shoes and enjoy these walking trails in our local Downers Grove area.

1) Hidden Lake Forest Preserve: More than 2 miles of trails wind through Hidden Lake, making it a great destination for hiking, jogging, and even fishing.

2) Maple Grove Forest Preserve Trail: One of the oldest forest preserves in DuPage County, the 81-acre Maple Grove Forest Preserve in Downers Grove is the largest remnant of the vast maple forest that became Downers Grove. This 1.5 mile trail winds through a maple forest which gives you a chance to appreciate the fall leaves!

3) Lyman Woods: The 1.5 mile Lyman Woods Forest Preserve in Downers Grove contains oak woodland, prairie, and marsh habitats for you to enjoy and walk through!

4) Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve: Hikers and bikers can enjoy some of Waterfall Glen’s most scenic areas via four mapped trails containing almost 11 miles of limestone and turf-covered routes.

5) Patriots Park: Explore this 1 mile loop trail that is considered an easier route. It takes an average of 17 min to complete and is a ideal trail for fishing, biking, and running.


Discomfort and soreness are a part of life. What is not normal is living with pain. If you are still experiencing that pain, it's time to talk to your physical therapist or primary care physician.

Try to stay away from narcotics, injections and knife happy surgeons as a primary option for your treatment. There are no magic bullets, but majority of pain symptoms can be resolved with conservative measures like exercises, manual therapy and pain management.

  • Zuhair Haque, Exercise Specialist at Rehabon Physical Therapy. Zuhair enjoys basketball and he cannot wait to start the DPT program at North Central College in 2023. Zuhair has an extensive experience for working for multiple physical therapy/rehab organizations.

  • Irfan Ibrahim is an Owner/Physical Therapist at Rehabon Physical Therapy, Downers Grove IL 60515. He enjoys sunshine and rainbows with his three children. Loves hiking, biking and golfing but he has accepted to live with his mediocre skills. Questions??!! Email him: follow him on Facebook

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