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Spring Into Action

With the arrival of Spring comes a natural inclination to refresh and rejuvenate not only our surroundings, but also our health and well-being. As the days grow longer and nature bursts into bloom, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate our lifestyle choices and embrace habits that support vitality. Here are some tips for getting ready for spring and prioritizing your health:

Reignite your exercise routine: After months of indoor workouts or winter hibernation, spring provides the perfect opportunity to reignite your exercise routine and take your fitness outdoors. Whether it’s going for a brisk walk, cycling through scenic trails, or practicing yoga in the park. Embrace the warmer weather and fresh air to invigorate your body and mind.

Healthy eating: Incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet is another excellent way to stay healthy in sprig. Spring produce like leafy greens, strawberries, asparagus, and peas are not only delicious but also packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrient-rich foods can support your immune system, boost energy levels, and promote overall health.

Practice mindfulness: Spring is a time of renewal and growth, making it an ideal opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and presence in your daily life. Take time to connect with nature, practice gratitude, and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s meditating in the sunshine, journaling in a blooming garden, or simply savoring a moment of stillness, mindfulness can help reduce stress, enhance well-being, and foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the season.

By embracing the arrival of spring and making the choices to prioritize your health and well-being, you can cultivate a lifestyle that supports vitality and balance throughout the season and beyond. So take a moment to breathe in the fresh spring air, soak up the beauty of nature, and embrace the opportunity for growth and renewal in mind, body, and spirit.


Discomfort and soreness are a part of life. What is not normal is living with pain. If you are still experiencing that pain, it's time to talk to your physical therapist or primary care physician.

Try to stay away from narcotics, injections and knife happy surgeons as a primary option for your treatment. There are no magic bullets, but majority of pain symptoms can be resolved with conservative measures like exercises, manual therapy and pain management.


  • Aimee Cervantes, Rehab Tech at Rehabon Physical Therapy. Aimee is a PTA graduate and has experience at different settings of Physical Therapy. She plans to take her licensure exam after her wedding! Aimee's hobbies are crafting and graphic design. She enjoys seeing her ideas come to life!

  • Irfan Ibrahim is an Owner/Physical Therapist at Rehabon Physical Therapy, Downers Grove IL 60515. He enjoys sunshine and rainbows with his three children. Loves hiking, biking and golfing but he has accepted to live with his mediocre skills. Questions??!! Email him:  follow him on Facebook

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