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This exercise can change everything for you....

Walking!! Yes, Good old walking..... by Mike Bocchieri

Why you should be walking:

It’s 2020 and it seems like everyone has “the answer” to getting in shape. Crossfit, F45, Orange Theory, Pilates,Yoga, Keto, Fasting…...Heck, even Strength training has been dubbed as the cure all. While all of the different approaches listed above may have a space in somebody's “health toolbox”, there is a foundational movement that anyone and everyone should execute with confidence;

This movement is ​walking​.

Before anyone can subscribe to a more intense form of exercise, being able to walk properly is essential to basic human movement. It is literally what we have evolved to do.

There are plenty of studies to show the physiological and cognitive ​benefits​ of walking, and those are both benefits to understand. But even more so, it is a form of movement that is easy to access (literally free), and every human is capable of doing it (one size fits all!)

Establishing a consistent walking habit into your daily routine can have all sorts of positive benefits on your health. Getting outside and going for a stroll is a great way to decompress, destress, and soak up some Vitamin D. Can’t make it outside? That’s fine! A treadmill will do the trick. Anything that can get you up on your feet will allow you to reap the benefits of walking. Whether you are just starting out on a healthy path, or you are a fitness fanatic, walking will complement any lifestyle.

If your health is something that you take seriously, or even something that you know you need to improve on, look no further than your own two feet.

He believes in continuing to remain knowledgeable on current research and trends to ensure that patients and clients receive beneficial and quality treatment based on their specific needs.

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